Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Invitations: Wedding

Wedding invites designed to look good at a low cost! Printed in black and white on blue paper. Information changed for privacy.



Invitations: Movie Night

I created these invitations for a horror movie night my friends and I were planning. We printed large copies to hang around the house like old time horror movie posters!

Invitations: Graduation

I created these invitations for a 3-way graduation party for myself, my niece, and my nephew. The fold was off-center to reveal the "Class of 2008" on the inside and the outside. (Graduation colors: Red/White, Blue/White, Blue/Gold). The information inside was changed for privacy!



Monday, June 29, 2009

Big 3 Ad Campaign

We had a group assignment to create an ad campaign for the Big 3, in order to try to get everybody to buy from the American companies. All the facts in these ads are true, nothing was made up.

I created the ad which focused on GM:

My partners and friends created the ads for Ford and Chrysler:

Packaging Design: Post-Its

While designing new packaging for a product (I chose Post-Its), I also came up with a new slogan. "Live. Laugh. Love. Inspire" and each package would reflect one of the four.

Book Cover Design

This was one of the most enjoyable assignments that I've had. We had to do cover designs for an existing biography, non-fiction, and fiction books. We were required to do 2 covers for each book, one using photos, one using typography.

A Child Called It

Please Stop Laughing at Me

The Drowning Tree

Logo Redesign and Use: Pocket Books

For this assignment, we had to choose an existing company and redesign their logo, and then use the new logo for advertising, a company letterhead, etc. In my research, I found that Pocket Books had gone through a few different redesigns, but people tend to prefer the little kangaroo. I kept this in mind when I did the redesign, and incorporated it on the business card, letterhead, and bookmark.

Logo Design and Use: Olympics

We had an assignment to create a logo for the 2008 Olympics, and to then use the logo in a poster for a sport of our choosing. Here is how mine turned out!

CD Design

This was an assignment to design a greatest hits CD by our favorite band. Of course, I chose Bowling for Soup! The images aren't exactly what I was going for, but then I didn't have the opportunity to sit in on a photoshoot with them :)

CD Cover:

CD Back:

**At this time I can't locate the remaining files for this project, but these are the 2 most important anyway!

Midol Ad (for kicks)

This was just a warm-up type exercise, but it still makes me laugh :)

Advertising Assignment: Gym

In Fall of 2007 I had a class where we had an assignment to create ads for a gym that included a magazine ad, a poster, and a billboard.



Magazine Ad: