Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Everything but the Movie packages

Last year Neptune Rising launched a special campaign to show support of a Veronica Mars movie. It was called "Everything but the Movie." We sent out nifty little packages to Warner Bros, Rob Thomas, Joel Silver, Craig Ferguson, and Ellen DeGeneres.

We included microwave popcorn, candy, and our faux-Veronica Mars tickets - point being, we have everything we need for a movie - except the movie itself. The centerpiece of the whole thing was a mini-magazine designed by yours truly :) We never got a response back, but it still turned out very well. (***Note: there were additional packages sent out, but since this is my design blog, I'm only including what I designed for. You can get more info at SaveVeronicaMars.tv!)

The three cover designs:

Front/back cover:

Inside cover/second page:


Fifth page/inside back cover:
*I designed the 2 ads on page 5.
**Neptune Rising member Sarah Jaime designed this poster.

EBTM packages:

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